Our goal is to prosper the farmer while safeguarding the environment. We are above and beyond State and Federal standards, use rail cars to release fewer emissions and are a part of the Responsible Nutrient Management Foundation. We follow the 4R’s: Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place to sustainably produce more food and fiber for a growing population with less applied fertilizer.
     To support our products we do extensive research. Our 750 tillable-acre farm is one of the largest research farms dedicated to fertilizer research. We work hard to ensure crops are receiving the highest quality of plant nutrition.
High NRG-N™ is used in all crops that require applied nitrogen to achieve top yields. High NRG-N™ is an advanced formulation of 27% nitrogen, and 1% sulfur. High NRG-N™ is stabilized through proprietary manufacturing technology to protect the nitrogen and reduce losses from leaching and volatility.  Not all of the nitrogen in High NRG-N™ is immediately available at application; the proprietary manufacturing technology allows for plant-available nitrogen through the growing season.

Pro-Germinator® is used primarily for the application of phosphorus, but is partnered with nitrogen, potassium, and micronutrients for maximum performance. Pro-Germinator®, through proprietary manufacturing technology, contains both ortho-phosphate and carbon-protected polymer phosphate to provide readily available and controlled-release phosphorus with minimal danger of tie-up in the soil.

Sure-K® is a clean, chloride- and hydroxide-free potassium solution.  It can be applied in combination with other crop production or protection products and presents a very low risk of crop injury. Sure-K® can be used in any cropping situation where potassium is needed. Sure-K®’s unique formula provides increased crop utilization, allowing lower total product application volume to produce the same results as other conventional potassium fertility products when applied at typical rates. Great for Foliar applications

Kalibrate™ is a chloride- and hydroxide-free potassium solution that contains sulfur. It can be used in combination with Pro-Germinator® and other AgroLiquid products to provide a complete fertilizer program. Kalibrate™ is specially formulated to resist freezing and comes back into solution without heat or agitation even when freezing has occured, making it well- suited for fall and early-season delivery in northern climates.

Balance is critical in plant nutrition. Justus von Liebig propounded the “Law of the Minimum”. It states that if one of the nutritive elements is deficient or lacking, plant growth will be poor even when all other elements are abundant. A crop will only produce to the potential of the least usable nutrient.The key to high yields is micro nutrients